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106 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2019 torations, Momz Garage benefits from a local community college that teaches the necessary skills, strengthening the candi- date pool to fill the shop's complement of four employees. "We have CWI Automotive school here that teaches (restoration) as a basic, and so we are lucky," says Watson. "I've been doing it for 43 years. It's about really knowing how to bring it back to life." The remaining 25% of Momz Garage's work is dedicated to parts fabrication, modifications and customization services. Watson's been at the craft since he was a teenager, and it was 13 years ago when he and Tamara left their corporate jobs to launch their dream business. "At 18, it was a hobby for me," says Watson. "Tamara and I are college-edu- cated and we both thought we had jobs in corporate America until we retired. Then we decided to get out of it after a few layoffs." The couple built a house in Star and decided to start a business. "We wanted to get out on our own and be our own bosses," he recalls. "Initially, I stayed in corporate life for six months, Tamara already had a small business, but then we got enough cars to work on and we never looked back." A 1954 Buick Skylark convertible may be Momz Garage's most recognizable restoration. A consistent Best of Show winner, it was featured on Dennis Gage's TV show "My Classic Cars." The car is a driver and has been appraised at $350,000, but the owner has decided to save it and pass it down to his sons. A restored 1970 Plymouth Hemi Road Runner shows the quality of work at Momz Garage and was used as a successful advertising piece. Isaac Pierce performs some fine contour sanding on a 1957 Chevy wagon. Momz Garage actually has a second shop in Nampa, Idaho that is used for final paint work, assembly and clean work. No fluids or hazard- ous waste work is allowed in this shop.

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