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NOVEMBER 2019 THE SHOP 107 Sullivan-Watson, who focuses on the busi- ness side of the operation, gives her husband credit for making their dream a reality. "He built the shop himself," she says. "He installed radiant floors in the concrete slab. It has a paint booth that vents and is set up with filters that put out clean air; it has A/C in the summer and really it's all very efficient and comfortable to work in." All of which is extremely helpful, par- ticularly during Idaho's long winters and hot summers. "No, I never quit working," Watson notes. HOUSE CALLS When a potential new restoration job appears, Tamara and Corey don't always wait for the business to come to them. Instead, they go out and visit customers. "We make house calls," says Watson. "Most of the cars we work on are not driv- able. We do a profile on the car, assessing what the customer wants done and the number of steps it will take to get them there. We then work up an estimate and invite them to the shop." The Momz Garage facility is a source of pride, and an important factor in putting clients' minds at ease, he explains. "We want people to see our shop. We keep it very presentable and so we encourage the wives to come in," Watson notes. "Then, we go back and forth with each client on the estimate. If they want it, The Momz Garage Mother's Day Charity Car Show is very well-attended—in 2018 it attracted 98 cars and more than 2,000 spectators. The shop gives back to the local Star Food Bank and the Star Lion's Club. Nacona Rhoten welds a new steel piece on a hole in a firewall that a previous shop had botched. See the whole success story: For further information or technical support please call 1-888-MOLYOIL (665-9645) I use it! Made in Germany. Made for you. "Stops low oil pressure and engine stumbling!" Josh Collver European Service Center Dallas, TX #iuseit Visit us at AAPEX Booth 33021 Visit us at Sema Show Booth 50719 (Performance Pavilion)

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