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NOVEMBER 2019 THE SHOP 111 A common misconception regarding aftermarket Turbochargers is … … that bigger is always better. We recom- mend customers size a turbocharger for their specific engine combination/applica- tion rather than purchase the largest avail- able. Too large of a turbo can introduce drivability issues and result in decreased performance overall, as it is ineffective until higher in the power band. Here's a tip shops can use to increase their Turbocharger-related sales … … our remote-mount approach gives us a unique place in the market and allows us to tailor these systems to specific vehi- cles without modifying a large number of under-hood components. Rather, the majority of our kits can take the place of the stock muffler(s). This is also why we released the Multi-Fit kits, as not all customers will have a late- model Corvette or similar vehicle, yet would still like to use a remote mount system. BORGWARNER TURBO SYSTEMS Auburn Hills, Michigan Patrick Harcourt Global Product Manager, Performance Our hottest Turbocharger product for 2019 is … … BorgWarner's Engi- neered for Racing (EFR) EFR 8474, EFR 9274 and EFR 9280 High- Flow Series super- cores. The series features new compressor wheels with updated blade geometries, larger inducer diameters and matched compressor covers to maximize airflow. They build on the proven, high-perfor- mance pedigree of our EFR product line and deliver up to 200 hp more compared with existing models. Its best features include … … larger trim, forged milled compressor wheels finished with a distinctive black anod- ized coating that support additional power. Low-inertia Gamma-Ti turbine wheels and dual-row ceramic ball-bearing cartridges pro- vide unparalleled boost response. The outside factor currently having the biggest effect on the Turbocharger market is … … advances in both high-temperature materials and aerodynamics means that today's turbochargers are more durable, responsive and efficient than ever before. A common misconception regarding aftermarket Turbochargers is … … in the past, there was often an exclusive Target an appropri- ate turbo size for the specific engine combination/ application rather than simply the largest available. (Photo courtesy Holley/ STS) Typically, the best turbo- charger match should also take into account the customer's targeted rpm range as well as intended use. (Photo courtesy BorgWarner Turbo Systems) FAST, with TUNE MODE 10A 9.5A Part #: TM251 Part #: TM275 Booth #36029 Making Batteries Perform Better Since 1994! select THE TOP DOG for Premium AGM AGM LITHIUM

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