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112 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2019 focus on the peak power number instead of transient response and real-world drivability. Typically, the best turbocharger match should also take into account the customer's targeted rpm range as well as intended use. Peak dyno numbers are still important, but we're seeing customers place more of an emphasis on usable power throughout the rev range, along with quick boost response. Here's a tip shops can use to increase their Turbocharger-related sales … … when dealing with performance tur- bocharger applications, shops with strong product knowledge will have the highest levels of customer satisfaction, before and after the sale. To help our distributors reach this goal, BorgWarner offers a sophisticated online turbocharger matching tool, MatchBot, to refine the best turbocharger choice based on a customer's horsepower goal. Along with the detailed BorgWarner Performance catalog, shops that utilize MatchBot can realize a distinct advantage over their competitors. GARRETT ADVANCING MOTION Torrance, California Tim Coltey Global Performance Marketing Leader Our hottest Turbocharger product for 2019 is … … the Garrett G-Series 30-660 and G30-770. Its best features include … … standard and reverse rotation configura- tions with high-flowing compressor aero- dynamics, a redesigned turbine wheel with increased efficiency, 0.5-liter increase in engine displacement range and high-temp Mar-M alloy for temperatures up to 1,900 degrees. Electric Turbocharger Targeted at Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Garrett Motion Inc. recently showcased an electrified turbocharger (E-Turbo) for mass market passenger vehicles at the 68th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany. The E-Turbo delivers improved per- formance, fuel economy and emissions by integrating ultra-high-speed elec- tric motors and power electronics into the turbocharger, while also providing energy recuperation to the vehicle's elec- trical system, according to the company. "We are excited for the public unveiling of our first-generation E-Turbo, designed to dramatically improve the performance and fuel economy of mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains in conjunction with both gasoline and diesel engines," said Olivier Rabiller, president and chief executive officer for Garrett. "Electrified engine technology will be key in meeting industry challenges for increased energy efficiency and new global regulatory emission targets while still meeting consumer demands for better vehicle performance and affordability." The E-Turbo has a small electric motor on the shaft to spool-up the turbo and provide immediate boost from idle, eliminating felt acceleration lag time and generating electricity and recharging the hybrid battery. New turbocharger boost control software also enhances turbo perfor- mance and health, as well and helps unlock optimized energy management in hybrid vehicles, the company added. E-Turbos in gasoline engines can result in up to a 15% reduction in CO2. Above: Garrett Motion Inc. recently showcased an electrified turbocharger (E-Turbo) for mass market passenger vehicles. (Photo courtesy Garrett Advanc- ing Motion) Advances in both high-tem- perature materi- als and aerody- namics means that today's turbochargers are more durable, responsive and efficient than ever before. (Photo courtesy BorgWarner Turbo Systems) Turbo Talk It's always a good idea to forecast your inventory so you are never short on product when there's an enthusiast in need. (Photo courtesy Garrett Advancing Motion)

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