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122 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2019 Mechanic Cart CTech Mfg., Weston, Wisconsin, presents its Bad Ass Mechanic Cart with Bad Ass Casters that offer a 2,000-pound-per-caster capacity for easy maneuvering on any terrain. Cart features include all-aluminum construction, a powder-coat finish in a choice of 13 colors, push/pull handle, flip-lid storage, locking drawers, 250- and 500-pound drawer capacities and heavy-duty drawer liners. Welder Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, Appleton, Wisconsin, presents the new Multimatic 220 AC/DC Welder. The system delivers all-in-one multi-process capabilities for MIG, flux cored, DC TIG and DC stick welding, plus the addition of AC TIG capabilities. Welders can now tackle more projects and more materials— now offering AC/DC TIG from 24-gauge to 1/4-inch-thick aluminum. QuickTech technology automatically determines the correct polarity and switches to the right process when the user hits the trigger or taps the foot control. Bender/Expander Package Huth Ben Pearson International, Hartford, Wisconsin, presents its new Essentials Package HB-05 that includes a Model 1605 bender/ expander machine plus new 023 Die Package bending/end-forming tooling for common 2- through 3-inch OD tubing. The bender features steel I-beam construction and bends round, square and rectangular tubing and pipe. The Model 1605 bender/ expander can also be purchased without the 023 die package, with Essential Size and Fab tooling packages for specific tube sizes that the operator chooses. Multipurpose Drill Bits Bad Dog Tools, Bristol, Rhode Island, introduces special edition SEMA Show/PRI box art for its 19-piece Multipurpose Drill Bit set that features the original Bad Dog Garage Car, the 1963 Bad Dog Caddy. The set includes made-in-USA bits from 3/32- to 1-inch. The bits are constructed of an armor shank with a parabolic flute topped with a Bad Dog-exclusive Carbaloid tip that stays sharper longer to drill through metal, stainless, carbon fiber, fiberglass and more. Axial Pliers Malco Products, Annandale, Minnesota, offers six different options for its Weld-Bonding Axial Pliers. Designed to make welding and securing different types of joints easier for metal workers, autobody technicians and sheet metal fabricators, the pliers are made to fit and operate in tight, narrow and hard-to-access spaces. A fast, secure clamp with one-finger release helps workers quickly, easily and accurately hold two pieces of metal together to weld more perfect joints. Welding pliers are available individually or as a kit of six. Fingertip Magnet Busted Knuckle Garage, Prescott, Arizona, offers the Magnetic Finger fingertip magnet. The unique hand tool slips over your index finger, converting your hand into a powerful magnet. Suitable for retrieval and assembly work, the powerful magnet allows users to hold and retrieve any small metal object with precise control. SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT

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