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NOVEMBER 2019 THE SHOP 29 tations. Even though the offshore prod- ucts do not perform over the long-term, customers see the price gap and expect all flares—no matter the quality—to conform to these lower price points. The only way to build and successfully market a quality flare is by sharply drawing distinctions between the lower-quality off- shore products and a high-quality flare. Edu- cating the public is always expensive and not always successful, so it's a big challenge. Here's a tip shops can use to increase their sales of fender flares … … service, service, service. No matter how easy you make the installation from the manufacturer's perspective, flares can be tricky to install correctly. In the case of off-road flares, which are designed to provide tire clearance, the fac- tory sheet metal has to be cut away. This requires equipment and experience—equip- ment and experience that your shop has. Even the no-drill-style flares that fit back into the factory mounting points are a chal- lenge for DIY guys. I have seen plenty of flares installed by inexperienced end-users with gaps around the flare and fender wall and misaligned edge trim. Shops can take advantage of this fact by doing an aggres- sive job selling their installation knowledge and experience. ARIES Eau Claire, Wisconsin Jeff Perez Director of Business Development Our hottest fender flare product for 2019 is … … flat-profile fender flares and one-piece inner fender liners for the Jeep Wrangler JL. The flares are designed to show off larger off-road tires and provide maximum clear- ance, while the trail-ready inner fender liners are rust-resistant and built to with- stand the rigors of off-roading. Its best features include … … the fender flares and inner fender liners have a welded aluminum construction, Most shops that are doing lifts and tires/wheels can easily upsell flares and liners by mentioning the clearance benefits. (Photo courtesy ARIES) Flaming RiveR industRies 800 PoeRtneR dR. BeRea, oH 44017 866-798-8061 · Column Shift tilt Column in PoliShed StainleSS finiSh Come See uS at Sema! Booth #22683 PoliShed StainleSS floor Shift tilt Column PoliShed StainleSS floor Shift Key Column & Waterfall Steering Wheel ® ® Your Ride Deserves the Best, and so do You! univerSal JointS floor mountS Column droPS

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