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58 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2019 to prevent flaps or parts of the trim cover from flying away and becoming projectiles. SENSORS & ELECTRONICS As more safety technology gets incorporated into cars, seats are also becoming smarter. Manufacturers are increasingly using sen- sors to gather information on passengers to modify how an airbag can deploy more effectively. This may include everything from weight, height and even how a pas- senger is seated. Installing a new trim cover, even when the airbag is not part of the trim itself, can have a drastic effect. By altering the layering of materials (trim and foam) on these sensors, you can easily alter the results of the sensors, causing confusion to the airbag system. In an accident, a full-grown adult might receive an airbag deployment program intended for someone much smaller or vice versa. The amount of data collected in modern vehicles for safety purposes is unbeliev- able. Having worked for years in traditional trim, it is so easy to dismiss critical devices as dumb sensors when our industry is just now being exposed to more state-of-the- art designs. CONCLUSION Airbags are safety features that work in incredibly violent ways. Installed incor- rectly, they can be more dangerous than the car accidents from which they are designed to protect us. As trimmers, we often walk a fine line between what is safe and what is not when deciphering new technologies and learning how to incorporate them into our services. However, we have a duty to ensure that nothing we do to clients' cars unknowingly puts them or others in danger. When it comes to repairing seats with side impact airbags, some trimmers feel pressured by customers into sewing Airbag seam sewing machines are an instrument commonly used to ensure consistency and reliability of breakaway and functional seams. These machines track both tension and stitch count on critical areas of the airbag seam. Understanding Side Impact Airbags We're behind you all the way. Need help? Contact the today. One minute, everything is fine. The next instant, disaster strikes. Hindsight is 20/20. Nobody can see into the future. But one thing is certain. If you are employed in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry, you are part or a generous family. Your brothers and sisters have donated to a charitable fund available to you, come what may. They are here for you. And so are we. Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation

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