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NOVEMBER 2019 THE SHOP 63 NEED FOR SPEED I can see these city ecosystems really begin- ning to take shape with the release of the 5G network. This technology will allow for advanced mapping features similar to a lidar-type of result, which will be achieved at a fraction of the cost of lidar today. Lidar is a surveying method that mea- sures distance to a target by illuminating the target with laser light and measuring the reflected light with a sensor. Imagine mapping an intersection or busy roadway this way—it would allow for future predic- tion as well as advancements in vehicle-to- vehicle interactions, as it would be able to, in essence, see better than a human regard- less of the weather, time of day, etc. Unfortunately, the cost of lidar, in my opinion, will keep it out of the aftermar- ket's hands for the near future, but with the emergence of 5G technology, we might have the opportunity to integrate some of our hardware and allow it to perform in the same conditions as the lidar-based technology. So, how does all of this tie-in for your business? We all have experience working on vehicles and a lot of us have experience with basic ADAS technology. I encourage you to continue working to understand the newest ADAS innovations and oppor- tunities that this technology offers your customers. The more comfortable you are speaking about and installing these fast-moving tech- nology products, the easier it will be for you to get involved in your own town's smart city deployment once it arrives. The 280 million vehicles on the road will need some form of OBU to communicate with this ecosystem. Why wouldn't you want to be first in line to act as the instal- lation facility when the time comes? JARED COHEN, CEO of Auto Action Group Inc. in New York & New Jersey, was named SEMA Restyler of the Year for 2018- '19. Coming into its 41st year in business, Auto Action Group offers a wide variety of electronics, appearance packages and financial service products, allowing it to service all departments of the new car dealer. The company's new growth focus is on the advancement of safety tech- nology & the Vision Zero movement. Email Jared at Available at Revolutionize Remote Start Firstech is the only Remote Start Manufacturer to include an LTE telematics module with every 2-way remote starter and alarm. Powered by DroneMobile X1.

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