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92 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2019 A ll the usual indicators we see these days say the Pro-Touring market is still growing. Enthusiasts are looking for ways to improve their classic rides yet still grin like dolphins when actually driving them. In a purely American fashion, it's a genre that seems to have far-reaching, open boundaries on its equipment and, unlike in other types of motorsports competition, that doesn't hurt. Old parts or new, it's all-go with Pro-Touring and its numerous levels of involvement. For those new to the scene, Pro-Touring rides incorporate new technology and sys- tems into older vehicles, allowing muscle cars and other classics to skip through road courses and autocross events like their modern-day counterparts while retaining their timeless style and allure. The list of products that apply to this market is a long one, and we'll tackle a couple of the most popular while also taking a look at some of the market trends, thanks to a few prominent Pro-Touring suppliers. PRO PRODUCTS New technology makes this market tick, and it's just as important when slowing them down as when getting them up to speed. "We have updated and redesigned our 6R mono-block caliper into the new XTR. The XTR is machined out of a single piece of 2618 forged aluminum, and by using ANSYS FEA software, we were able to make this newer version lighter and more rigid," says Rick Elam, sales manager at Baer Brakes in Phoenix. Features include a quick pad change clip (or bolt-in bridge), two-piece castellated pistons, stainless radial inserts and dust and weather seals. "The XTR is available in system form (as an upgrade to our Extreme+ systems) or individually for customers building their own brake systems," Elam notes. Carving orange cones and motoring to and from events means first checking the oil, says Duane LaFleur, business develop- ment of high performance for Lucas Oil Products in Corona, California. "Our 5W-50 Full Synthetic High-Perfor- mance Oil is a very popular product for us in the Pro-Touring series," he reveals. "We also have many more items that fit into the different types of categories that race in these events." Whether driven by a crate engine or some- thing built piece by piece, most Pro-Tourers love putting that power to the ground through a manual transmission. And that means quality clutches are in demand. "Our hottest Pro-Touring product for 2019 has been our TRIAD Triple-Disc The Pro-Touring market rounds the corner of another great year. By John Carollo Quality work with quality products is helping many Pro-Touring vehicles actually appreciate in value. (Photo courtesy Baer Brakes) Pro-Touring isn't necessarily about racing, but it is about enjoying the drive. (Photo courtesy Baer Brakes)

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