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Laser Engraving Report 2019 l 11 • using masking tape to protect any sensitive areas. Water-sensitive parts such as USB drives also pose a potential challenge due to the fact that they can't be rinsed in the normal fashion. For situations like this, removing the residual light coating is easily accomplished by using a moist paper towel while keeping the rest of the object dry. PREPARING YOUR LASER SETTINGS Properly applying the marking material is only one part of preparing your project for success; your laser settings are also critical. If there is one thing to keep in the foremost of your mind in engraving metals, it is that the process requires slow speeds and high power. When an imprint does not stay on the metal, 95% of the time it is because the laser's speed setting was too fast. The only risk in running a project too slow is the cost of the extra time it takes. Running it slower will not affect the durability or permanence of the mark, so erring on the side of slow is advisable. Because every metal requires different settings, it is Following some basic marking agent applicaiton tips can help ensure high-quality marks on your metal projects. IMAGE COURTESY JDS INDUSTRIES All of our Marble and Granite is OUR Special LaserGrade Quality and produces fantastic results. We offer additional gift items for any occasion where a special gift is needed. eMail for free samples of LaserGrade Black Marble and Granite.

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