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2019 Laser Engraving Report

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Page 22 of 32 • 22 l Laser Engraving Report 2019 A ssuming one has the good fortune of having a large-format laser in your inventory, the word "volume" has a certain ring to it. A door chime that equates to a large invoice if you will. A crack at a single job that can pay big bills. Volume can speak volumes when it comes to your P&L statement. Large-volume orders come in all shapes and sizes, from blank products waiting to be engraved to stainless-steel mugs and tumblers or even custom goods that we as awards and signage shops design from scratch. The same orders also come with challenges, pitfalls, and opportunities. As in all of our work, the task has to fit in our business model before we hit the start button. In our case, we look at requests for high-volume orders as opportunities. In many situations, large order requests may not necessarily be in our wheelhouse, but we never close that door without exploring further. Oftentimes, by qualifying the cus- tomer and understanding their expecta- tions, we can steer the client to a product or concept we are good at and still manage or exceed those needs. TWO IMPORTANT RULES Rule one in our business is mentioned above: customer expectations. Rule two is to verify, verify, verify. What does that mean? It means two things, both of which Volume Speaks Volumes Large-volume orders can be overwhelming at first, but if you're primed with the right equipment and know-how, they can greatly benefit your bottom line. ALL IMAGES COURTESY AMIE ROBERTS By Amie Roberts Amie Roberts, president of Familylaser, is the y o u n g e s t o f t h r e e sisters and one of four that make up the dad/ daughter Familylaser team in Warroad, MN. Amie oversees all aspects of the business while her sisters promote social media and her dad works in production. Learn more about Familylaser by going to www. Why and how high-volume orders boost your bottom line

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