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24 l Laser Engraving Report 2019 • are critical to us as a business and to our client. They are: 1. Understanding what the client wants to the point where we can supply a sample for review. 2. Our due diligence in what is involved on our end so we can exceed expectations and make a healthy profit. Let's talk about those two points. POINT ONE: NEEDS AND SAMPLES The client's needs rule in virtually all aspects. This is the front end of the job. It's time consuming, a bit frustrating at times, and it likely means you step away from machine time to a nonprofit interim status. But it's at the top of the list in terms of priorities because that is when it's make or break time. If the high-volume job isn't a fit, this is where that becomes clear. If the stars and moon line up and the job fits, then that becomes clearer, but make no mistake, this part is about communication and rela- tionship building. It's called opportunity. If you step away from the job, and do it correctly, then you have a potential client. You have gone the extra step and made an impact. If you are dialed in with the client and understand what they need, then you can move to the next priority, which is to supply a sample. Done properly for the client, this is like opening a Christmas gift. In hand, you know what the needs are. Your quick turnaround in getting that sample into the client's hands can be the wow factor. Bundling these two areas gives your client the feeling that they are your only client. POINT TWO: DUE DILIGENCE Parallel to the first point and in conjunc- tion with it is the part where you make money. For many of us, this takes self- discipline. By nature, we are all creatures of habit and oftentimes we take the path of least resistance. Translated: we take the easy work that comes through the door. The routine work, the daily dribble. Think about that. Many of us can do a Large-volume orders come in all shapes and sizes, from blank products waiting to be engraved to stainless-steel mugs and tumblers or even custom goods that awards and signage shops design from scratch.

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