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4 l Laser Engraving Report 2019 • T hose who are new to laser engraving, and even some seasoned veterans, might find that one of the most chal- lenging tasks to learning the technology is not in the engraving itself, but in the design and software aspect. Users often face various projects that require they apply different design techniques and tools. CorelDRAW is one of the most common software packages that shops use for laser engraving, so we decided to take a look at some basic functions that specifically help in the laser engraving department. PRINT MERGE IN CORELDRAW If you are laser processing products in quantities, or repeatedly marking and engraving the same text or images on sev- eral identical items, the Print Merge tool is the most efficient option for you. In many cases, content such as address data can be managed using Excel lists or CRM systems. To prepare the data for serial printing, save the file with the desired data as a .txt, .csv, or .rtf file. To start the serial printing process, first open the desired graphic in Corel- DRAW. Make sure that the editing area is the same size as the final graphic. This makes it easier to position multiple jobs later (see the last step of these Print Merge instructions). To start, click File>Serial Printing>Create/Upload Serial Print. The Serial Print Wizard opens, and you will be prompted to make the adjustments to the settings as needed. Select the import text from a file, and then click Continue and select the desired file. On the next pages, you can see a preview of the records that have David Stevens is known in the industry for his teaching abilities and h e l p i n g c u s t o m e r s improve their laser processing techniques. For nearly two decades, he held multiple roles at Universal Laser Systems, including Applications Lab Manager. He recently j o i n t e d Tr o t e c L a s e r I n c . a s t h e Industrial Applications Manager and heads the West Coast Applications & Inspiration Lab. Save time and material using the Print Merge option when processing large quantities, or repeatedly marking and engraving the same text or images on several identical items. IMAGE COURTESY DAVID STEVENS By David Stevens Common Corel Tips for the Laser User

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