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Laser Engraving Report 2019 l 5 • been imported. Click Complete to exit the Serial Printing Wizard. Next, the Serial Printing toolbar opens. Select the desired field, for example Name, and click Insert Serial Print Field and place the desired field in the graphic and change it according to your preferences or speci- fications (font, font size, etc.). To start the printing process, click Run Serial Printing on the toolbar. If using a Trotec machine, select the Trotec engraver as the printer. Then click on Properties and, as usual, adjust the settings for laser engraving and cutting. If you want to print each job individually, this is your last step, and you can send the graphic to your laser as you normally would. If you want to print several jobs, how- ever, the Print Merge tool only requires one print command to the laser but will save you time and make the most of your laser material. First, merge the jobs as described in the next step. Once you have selected the engraving machine you're using (again, in this case, the Trotec) as the printer and adjusted the laser settings, enter the width and height of your materials. This is so you can preview how the job will apply to the material. Save the settings by clicking the JobControl button (consult your user manual for the specific selection when using a different machine). Next, select Break Layout in the print preview window and enter the number of rows and columns in the menu bar. The jobs are now merged. Click the Selec- tion tool for a preview of the complete plate. Click Print and send your graphic to JobControl. TILING A GRAPHIC IN CORELDRAW Some applications call for patterns and images to be engraved onto mul- tiple pieces, specifically for entryways, floors, and walls. The CorelDRAW Tiling tool is commonly used for applications like these and fits your image onto the tiles before processing. To begin this process, create an outline with the same dimensions as the tile you will use. Next, replicate the outline to cover the entire graphic and then select Group. Select the graphic you wish to apply to the tiles. Click Effects, then Power Clip, and lastly Place Inside Container, to which CorelDRAW shows a large arrow. Now, use the arrow to select the group of outlined boxes. Select Ungroup, and your design will be separated and ready to be processed with the laser. TRACING Tracing is the ability to turn an online photo, logo, or pixelated image into a line drawing within CorelDRAW. This process allows you to download images offline and convert them into vector art used for laser processing. Seen here is the Print Merge tool in acton. IMAGE COURTESY DAVID STEVENS

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