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6 l Laser Engraving Report 2019 • First, click Trace Bitmap and select that it is a logo. The resolution might have to be adjusted, so alter as necessary. Next, open the Power Trace Feature to show the before (pixelated) and after (vector) images simultaneously. Inspect and compare the two images and fix any major discrepancies. Now you can ungroup, break it apart, and make any minor changes using the Shaping tool. This tool allows you to correct any indi- vidual nodes that come from low resolution. This process is pretty common in the laser industry; import into Corel, run a trace of the image, and clean it up. Now the design can be laser cut and reconverted to an outline in vector art. Vector art provides clean, unlimited resolution, and can cut through materials where pixelated art can only be engraved. NESTING Another helpful laser practice to use with CorelDRAW is nesting. This method consists of arranging the pieces of an application in the most efficient pattern possible to the material sheet size you are processing. Then, CorelDRAW provides you with different algorithms to narrow down the pattern that will work best with your application. This process is especially helpful when working with irregularly shaped objects that need to be rotated or adjusted. Nesting not only saves you time, but it also saves you money as you are wasting less and making the most of your mate- rial. CorelDRAW does not have a nesting program included, but there are software add-ons available for use. CONCLUSION There is no reason to be afraid of taking on CorelDRAW when laser engraving. While there are many complex and advanced features, if you have a thorough understanding of some of the commonly used tools for this technology, you will make great strides. LER Left: an image of a pre-nested screen capture. Right: the same image post-nested. IMAGES COURTESY CADLINK TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Some applications call for patterns and images to be engraved onto multiple pieces, specifically for entryways, floors, and walls. CorelDRAW will fit your image onto the tiles for you using the Tiling tool. Use Ungroup to separate your design and begin processing. IMAGES COURTESY DAVID STEVENS

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