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33 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 1 9 Document Everything Maintaining a detailed sub- limation journal on all aspects of the business helps keep your experi- ences organized and comprehensible. From equipment settings to marketing objectives, writing in a journal helps to sift through the clutter of a busy day while also providing a record of your successes, failures, and questions. Most importantly, writing things down when they happen is the key to receiving good tech support. You would be surprised at how many problems can be quickly solved with good information. Often just documenting an issue helps you deter- mine, and resolve, the problem at hand. Log each print job's transfer details including software settings, equipment settings, and transfer techniques. This is the best way to ensure consistency, mini- mize production waste, and get to the bottom of future problems. Use your smart phone to take photos of any error messages on your equipment and problems with substrates. Keep your transfer instructions up to date and when you master a product, document what works and use it as the standard for training others. Document any marketing questions you have about pricing, target markets, and more. 1 (Image courtesy Unisub) (Image courtesy Condé Systems) (Image courtesy JDS Industries)

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