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35 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 1 9 I am the owner and started my design studio in 2005. I did not branch out into apparel and customization of goods until 2017. I purchased a Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 in December of 2018. I decided this was the natural direction for my studio, as it offered many options for customiza- tion that I could not achieve with my vinyl cutter and vinyl. I currently use a 15-by-15 Power heat press that I pur- chased in 2017 when I began customizing apparel. I am looking forward to upgrading to a 16 x 20 swing-away press soon. Initially, it was difficult to find a reliable source of information on how to do sublimation, and I felt like I was guessing about what printer/ink/substrates to use. But after a more in-depth search, I was able to figure out what I was looking for. I paired that with the online groups (such as Facebook) to gather feedback from people. I also found that for sublimation, it really helped for me to practice sublimating the items over and over again. There are so many different items to sublimate on, and they each have their own time/temperature/nuances when it comes to creating them. It's a lot to learn all at once. I experimented and practiced for a full month before I felt like I could even offer my clients sublimated items. First I did as much reading as I could from searching the internet. Then, as I found sources of information that were good, I dove into those more. For example, I watched many of the training videos from Condé online. After doing the online research, I sought out Facebook groups that I would be able to learn from. I took lots of notes. If I couldn't find answers online, I asked them in forums. Sublimation allows for a plethora of colors. I can also make drinkware or apparel that doesn't have washing restrictions like I have with vinyl. With my current setup, I have size restrictions. I hope to upgrade to be able to have a wider variety of things I can offer that are not limited to my output size. I also wish I could sub onto darker material. My advice to other beginners is research, research, and more research. And do it before you buy. Take lots of notes and look up your questions. I like to write down what I did wrong so I can avoid it next time. There are so many different things to sublimate and they all have their own set of instructions to learn. Pick a few things first and then master them and move on to the next. Starr Design: Jennifer Starr, owner RETAILER CASE STUDY (Image courtesy JDS Industries) High-speed, high-resolution industrial inkjet printheads for imaging high-quality stencils E L E C T R O N I C P R E P R E SS A N D D I G I TA L GA R M E N T P R I N T I N G S O LU T I O N S YO U R P R E F E R R E D PA R T N E R I N SPYDER III DTS C O N TAC T U S T O DAY ! 8 0 0 . 74 7. 76 51 E X I L E T E C H . COM TEXJET ECHO Print chemical-free, large format film separations in-house LIBERATOR XE Easy to operate digital garment printers for delivering eye-catching results D I R E C T T O S C R E E N T H E R M A L I M AG E S E T T E R S D I R E C T T O GA R M E N T

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