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37 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 1 9 Match Colors Like A Pro Sometimes customers ask for a "pretty blue" or a "dark red." Other times, customers ask for a specific spot color such as a Pantone color, school color, or color on a business card. When it comes to spot color matching, sublimation decorating presents some challenges over and above traditional digital out- put due to its two-step process (printing the transfer and then transferring it onto the substrate) and each substrate having its own unique characteristics that affect color. As a result, many sublimators incorrectly select a color based on how it looks on their monitor or they simply type in a Pantone swatch value hop- ing that the final product is accurate. Either approach will likely fail. For no-surprise color matching, print a color chart from within your graphics program and then transfer it to a variety of products. This lets you know exactly how each color will look on each product once transferred, not how SUBLIMATION COMPANIES Coastal Business Supplies: Printers; presses; blanks; paper; ink; software Condé Systems: Printers; presses; blanks; paper; ink; software Graphics One: Printers; presses; paper; ink; software JDS Industries: Printers; presses; blanks; paper; ink Johnson Plastics Plus: Printers; presses; blanks; paper; ink; software Marco Awards Group: Printers; presses; blanks; paper; ink Mutoh: Printers; software Roland: Printers; ink; software Sawgrass: Printers; paper; ink; soft- ware Sublimation101: Printers; presses; blanks; paper; ink Unisub: Blanks Vapor Apparel: blanks it looks on your monitor. When custom- ers ask for a specific color, they can select from the printed chart. I recommend producing a "pleasing" color chart and a "precise" color chart. Pleasing color chart: Limit the num- ber of pleasing color choices a customer is provided. The default RGB color pal- ette makes an excellent pleasing color chart, as it offers a limited number of vivid colors and excellent grayscale selec- tions. Precise color chart: Lots of color choices are needed for those hard-to- match business cards, school colors, and Pantone solid colors. The TRUMATCH color palette offers a much larger variety of color choices. To use the chart, locate the color that your client is requesting by holding the object or a Pantone swatch book against the chart. Then, reopen the color chart you printed, go to the page/row/column of the color that was selected, and design with that color. Corel DRAW has an undocumented "create color swatch macro" feature that allows decorators to easily create and print the chart of your choice. There's an alternate option for programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. 5 (Image courtesy JDS Industries) (Image courtesy Unisub)

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