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39 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 1 9 To get a better handle of what goes into the total buying process, we spoke with a number of the top printer manufacturers and quizzed them regarding what are some of the most important points to consider and questions to ask when purchasing your first wide- format printer. We also asked them to make some suggestions from their product portfolios that will give you the most machine for your money. Where do you start: Researching and analyzing your businesses' needs "Whenever I speak with someone just getting into the graphics market, the two most important factors for a new printer are always versatility and ease of use," notes Matt McCausland, product manager, professional imaging at Epson America Inc., Long Beach, California. "If you're just getting started and don't need to meet the highest production demands, Roland's 64-inch VersaEXPRESS RF-640 (for a print-only device) or TrueVIS SG series (for integrated printing and contour-cutting capabilities), offer exceptional performance at an affordable price," says Roland DGA's Daniel Valade. (Image courtesy of Roland DGA) "Surprisingly, very few printers on the market today do both of those things really well. The other key part, not related to the actual printer, is to find a reseller you feel comfortable with that will help you get through the steep learning curve of entering the graphics market," he adds. Mark A. Rugen, director, product marketing and education, Mutoh America Inc., Phoenix, Arizona, says the first place businesses will start when looking for a wide-format printer is Google. They may type phrases such as 'Best wide-format printer' or 'What is the best wide-format printer?' and disappointingly, they will find out that the term 'wide-format printer' is used for everything from 18-inches wide and above and many are for the photographic business. (Image courtesy of Roland DGA)

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