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67 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 1 9 for every shop. Whether you plan to print part-time or full time, you will start to get a lot of aluminum screen printing frames and will need a place to store them. A rolling rack is a big help. Many people will have a few carts: one for clean screens that are ready for emulsion, one for drying emulsion, and one for screens you want to save for repeat jobs. Aluminum static frames are reten- sionable frames or panel frames. Typically, only one image is put onto a screen. This is why screen printers have so many frames. However, a panel frame saves space and costs by allowing you to switch out the mesh while reusing the same frame. You can also save the mesh panel and reuse it. This is especially helpful when saving screens for repeat orders without having to invest the space to frame storage. Location, Location, Location Now that you have your equipment, you need a space to actually print. There are a variety of options. Some screen- printing shops want to be in a highly (Photos courtesy of Lawson Screen & Digital Products) It is important to remember that screen printing is an art and a science. (Photo courtesy of Lawson Screen & Digital Products)

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