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69 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 1 9 Stephen Till, A Small Print Shop What got you into this particular industry and discipline? Music got me into screen printing in 2004, and passion has kept me in this industry to this day. What has been your most popular application? We currently only focus on apparel printing. Our most popular appli- cation is screen printing. Our expertise is with plastisol, water base, and discharge inks. All inks serve a purpose and a need, and we help our customers find the right print style to serve their end-user. What has been one of your biggest successes in this business? Our biggest success is creating a work environment in which our team members are supported. If at the end of the day it is just a T-shirt, it then becomes very important how we treat ourselves and our fellow team members. The supportive environment we cre- ate allows us the needed freedom to focus on the craft of print- ing apparel and makes it so much more than a shirt. This amazing medium of screen printing helps our crew share their stories along with helping our customers reach their audience one shirt at a time. What do you wish you had known from the beginning instead of learning through experience? I'm learning every day. But the one lesson that is super important is to value yourself and what you bring to the table. When you're start- ing out, you want to say yes to everything, but with understanding your worth, you learn how to nicely say no. This will allow you the freedom to say yes to your ideal customer. IN PRACTICE Position your printing press close to your dryer, so you can pull your shirt off the platen and place it directly onto the dryer's conveyor belt. (Photo courtesy of Vastex) (Photo courtesy of Brown Manufacturing Group)

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