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November '19

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One L et's imagine for a moment an item on your bucket list is to go on a once-in-a-lifetime deep-sea fishing excursion to land — and have mounted — a prize swordfish. As you research your options as to which fishing company you will engage and the particular charter boat on which you will sail, you quickly realize you'd better set some success criteria from the jump. Certainly, this will not be an inexpensive venture and you promise your- self to do this right… the first time. Finding and chasing the fish, landing that sucker, and eventually heading back home safely all require a seaworthy vessel and a seasoned, skilled captain and crew who have the know-how and expertise to get the job done. You'll need the best fishing equipment: rods, reels, gaffs, holsters. Every piece is important — down to the size of the hook, the type of fishing line, the most reliable nautical charts and fish-finder elec- tronics, and what chum and bait you'll use. There is no room for error in this endeavor. For the awards and custom gifts business owner, going after high-end and prestigious customer accounts takes the same amount of precise planning and execution. You'll likely only get one chance to land that "big one" and there aren't a ton of large prospects out there to begin with. Nevertheless, the sales professional that can comfortably, confidently, and willingly make sales calls on any size prospect — and Land Big One HOW TO SELL TO HIGH-END &PRESTIGIOUS CLIENTELE the the Vince DiCecco is a business training and development consultant and owner of the Acworth, Georgia-based business, Your Personal Business Trainer, Inc. He has been sculpting his sales, marketing, and training techniques since 1979, and he has shared innovative and practical ideas in his seminars on business management excellence at past NBM SHOWS. He is available to small- to mid-sized companies striving for sustained growth and market dominance. Contact him via email at or visit his company website, By Vince DiCecco 12 • A&E NOVEMBER 2019

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