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32 • A&E NOVEMBER 2019 This time, using a duplicate of the same object, I chose the bottom middle square and changed Copies to 11. Some inter- esting results are possible, and I encourage one to try the various options. At the top of the docker are four other tabs, each with a particular purpose and function. Again, I think it wise for one to look closely at each in order to learn their abilities. Another thing to notice: if you look closely at the sharp points of my diamond, you will see that the outline is mitered and does not follow the sharp corners. In the Outline Pen dialog, F12 is a Mitre limit field that has 45o as its default. Lowering this number to about 15 will cause the outline to display properly. MATHEMATICAL EQUATIONS Another cool feature of CorelDRAW is its ability to do some simple mathemat- ical calculations. Suppose I have an object selected but need it to be exactly one third its original size. I can grab my calculator to do the math and resize by typing in the numbers or I can let the program do it for me. In the Size field, after the number, I can type "/3" and press the Enter key, resulting in the object being reduced to one third its original size. This was particularly helpful when I was doing advertising layouts that were required to be one third page size. I created a rectangle at 8 1/2 by 11 inches, divided it by 3, and, after changing the page size to match, I saved it as a Corel- DRAW template (cpl) for future use. It is important to note whether Lock ratio is enabled or not. The slash (/) is a division modifier; the asterisk (*) is a multiplication modifier; and, of course, the plus (+) and minus (-) keys work to add or subtract a value. These modifiers work in both the Size fields and the XY location fields. In a future article, I hope to look more thoroughly at these valuable features. They can save a lot of brain damage. As always, I hope this information is valuable to the reader to learn some of the many processes that exist in CorelDRAW. Be sure to have fun creating some dynamic artwork! Questions and insights are always welcome at Fig 4 Fig 6 Fig 7 Fig 8 Fig 5 Graphic Design A&E

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