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38 • A&E NOVEMBER 2019 By Sarah Montreuil, Stahls' To apply a heat transfer design onto soft substrates such as a T-shirt, here are the steps to take: Step One: Make sure your heat press is at the appropriate time, temperature, and pressure needed. Step Two: Lay the T-shirt onto the heat press platen making sure it's flat and all buttons, bulky seams, and zippers aren't in the way (you may need to use a heat-printing pillow or a smaller platen). Step Three: Pre-heat the T-shirt for 3-5 seconds to get rid of any wrinkles and moisture that could be in the fabric. This also allows you to double check that you have the correct pressure set for the application. Step Four: Lay the heat transfer design face-down in the desired loca- tion on the T-shirt. Step Five: If using heat-transfer vinyl, place a cover sheet over the shirt and transfer. If using screen-printed trans- fers, the paper backing acts as a natural cover sheet. Step Six: Close the heat press onto the garment to apply the design until the set time is up. Step Seven: Open the heat press and peel the transfer back off the design to reveal the decorated T-shirt (depending on material/transfer type, you might have to wait until the design is completely cool before removing the backing). Basic Steps to Apply a Heat Transfer to a T-Shirt Offering heat-applied graphics is a natural extension of any awards dealer. IMAGE COURTESY STAHLS' One big benefit for those shops already offering sublimation is that the press can also be used to apply heat transfers to garments. IMAGE COURTESY STAHLS'

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