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November '19

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A&E NOVEMBER 2019 • 41 Sandcarving of glass blanks has exploded, with many new companies from the U.S. and abroad trying to jump on the bandwagon. There are also more kinds of photoresist on the market than ever before. With this going on, it is no longer good enough just to make glass awards, because so many others do them. In this phase, you have to establish your glass products as better than the rest, more unique, more interesting, higher quality. You need to offer your customers a larger variety, and be able to produce them on a more timely basis. This process is called differentiation. You can apply it broadly to set your com- pany apart from all others in a positive way, or you can be more specific and dif- ferentiate your products from those of your competitors so they are perceived by the customer as better. No matter how, you must do it to give people a reason to buy from you rather than someone else. One important note: A last resort method of product differentiation is price. If you are afraid that you and a competitor have essentially the same product with the same quality, you may be tempted to cut your price to make your product more desirable to the customer. Don't do it! It's foolish to cut prices at the first sign of competition. In the second phase of the product development cycle, there are many more effective ways of competing without reducing the amount of money you can earn on a product. During the third or fourth stage of the product cycle, price cut- The Brindisi award is an example of using a blown piece of colorful glass on a base as an individualistic choice; the blown shapes are similar but never quite the same as they are handblown. IMAGE COURTESY THE SLEE CORPORATION The Pescara illustrates the possibility of getting a blown glass award that is realistic compared to an abstract piece. IMAGE COURTESY THE SLEE CORPORATION If your customer wants an item made of assembled crystal and glass pieces that offers a high-end choice for those special awards, something like the Stagecoach fits the bill. IMAGE COURTESY CRYSTAL D Featuring a combination of stone and glass, the Corinthian Column has an innovative look. IMAGE COURTESY CRYSTAL D

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