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November '19

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A&E NOVEMBER 2019 • 43 Sandcarving or as the bases (or both). This makes several awards more interesting — adding red, blue, or green accents to the clear/ jade glass pieces. Going a step further, some suppliers engage other glass-making processes such as fusing and slumping, casting, and glass blowing to produce more artistic-looking award blanks. By choosing these different routes, the suppliers are also able to dis- tiguish themselves from each other a bit more, giving you, the blaster, the choice of setting yourself apart from your com- petitor through better sourcing. Yes, the suppliers all do advertise, but it still sur- prises me often to realize that many shops are limited in their knowledge of sources. Anyway, it is quite a broad spectrum of products that is being presented to us and I am already curious what the next phase will bring. As it becomes apparent, I will report on it, so stay tuned. The samples I show here with this article are naturally not the whole scope available. There are combinations with metal and glass, slumped and fused pieces, and more, way too many to be able to show them all. The items selected are a small representa- tion of suppliers and you need to investigate all the possibilities, many of which you will find advertised in this publication. Doing so ensures your success in this industry. © Ruth L Dobbins 2019 This award, dubbed the V-Cup, represents traditional blown glass crystal pieces that are wheel cut with an abstract design, but also features space to accommodate a dedication. These pieces were made with the recognition industry in mind and are an example of Bohemian crystal. Most of this type of glass is made in Europe. IMAGE COURTESY TOPMOST PRISM CRYSTAL This award, called Faming Horse, is yet another completely different type of an award: a blown/cast crystal sculpture mounted on a base. IMAGE COURTESY TOPMOST PRISM CRYSTAL A&E

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