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6 • A&E NOVEMBER 2019 6 • A&E NOVEMBER 2019 Get ready, because 2019 is winding down. That's stating the obvious, and many of you reading this have already started holiday orders. Custom ornaments, personalized picture frames, and corporate awards orders are most likely already swamping your shop, with each customer making the case that their order is the most important and must be done the quickest. For some, this might feel overwhelming, but in my opinion, this is one of the most exciting times of the year. There's something about 50 optical crystal awards fresh from the sandcarving cabinet, cleaned off and reflecting the light. Beautiful. There's something about full-color orna- ments reading "Baby's First Christmas" polished and packaged that brings warmth to any heart. Cliché, yes, but wonderful all the same. If you stop to really hear the story behind a personalized order, they're often fun, nostalgic, and celebratory at this time of year. If you take just a couple seconds to let go of that overwhelming feeling of a rush order, you might witness the enjoyment that brought you to the awards and customization industry in the first place. I also love this time of year because we at A&E get to help (ok, so we get to help at all times of the year). In particular, the November issue is a fun one, featuring the same well-rounded lineup of articles you've come to expect each month along with our special double issue, The Laser Engraving Report. And just because I know how busy you all are, I want to highlight some of the tips this issue carries. Don't worry — you'll have plenty of time to read all of it, but if you just have one minute now, here's the sneak preview: • In the world of sublimation, pricing is a challenging subject; there is no simple solution to building an accurate pricing system that guarantees a profitable pricing structure. —Jimmy Lamb, page 8 • For the awards and custom gifts business owner, going after high-end and prestigious customer accounts takes the a huge amount of precise planning and execution. —Vince DiCecco, page 12 • As the award and recognition industry continues rushing headlong into the glass business, it is getting more difficult to keep your products differentiated from competitors, but differentiation is going to be increasingly important in keeping ahead in your business. —Ruth Dobbins, page 40 • Large-volume orders come in all shapes and sizes, from blank products waiting to be engraved to stainless-steel mugs and tumblers or even custom goods that we as awards and signage shops design from scratch. The same orders also come with challenges, pitfalls, and opportunities. —Amie Roberts, page 22, The Laser Engraving Report Until next time. INSCRIPTIONS Volume 32, Number 10 PUBLISHER Dan Peckham — EDITOR Cassie Green — ADVERTISING MEDIA CONSULTANTS Haleigh Erwin — Shanna Rowley — SALES SUPPORT Jeff Wemmell — ART & ADVERTISING DESIGN ART DIRECTOR Dayne Pillow PRINT ADVERTISING DESIGNER Kim M. Wright MULTIMEDIA PRODUCER Sharon Dzilvelis EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTING WRITERS STEPHEN CAPPER, VINCE DICECCO, RUTH DOBBINS, LIZ HAAS, JIMMY LAMB, DOUG ZENDER CONTRIBUTING WRITERS FOR THE LASER ENGRAVING REPORT BOB HAGEL, RYAN HUDDLESTON, AMIE ROBERTS, DAVID STEVENS, BRADEN TODD DIGITAL CONTENT EDITOR Julia Schroeder — NATIONAL BUSINESS MEDIA, INC. PRESIDENT Dave Pomeroy VICE PRESIDENT / AUDIENCE Lori Farstad VICE PRESIDENT / FINANCE Kori Gonzales, CPA VICE PRESIDENT / MEDIA & DEVELOPMENT John A. Bennett DIRECTOR OF TECHNICAL SERVICE Wolf Butler CEO & OWNER Robert H. Wieber, Jr. EXECUTIVE TRADE SHOW SALES MANAGER Brandy Jamison-Neth — EXHIBITOR SERVICES Janet Cain — Joie Martin — WANT TO KNOW MORE? Visit our website at, where you can find tons of articles about the awards market plus all the latest news going on around the industry. And don't forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Have a topic you want to discuss? Give me a call at 720-566-7278 or email me at Stating the Obvious Cassie Green EDITOR

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