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1 0 P R I N T W E A R N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 9 ARE YOU DEALING WITH A GOOD EMPLOYEE WITH ONE NAGGING FLAW? Take a Pause for the Cause Sound familiar? Would you say, generally, that you have a good group of employees but some of them have quirks and tenden- cies that prevent you from getting the en- tire organization to the next level of growth and success? Do you think you ought to do something about it but are afraid you may lose good people if you rock the boat? You are not alone, even if you have a shop with as few as six employees. The good news is that there is a way to handle flawed workers without alienating them and having them quit. Care to try out a simple recipe? Let's go. GET YOUR FACTS IN ORDER While the approach I'll share with you can handle any of the aforementioned sce- narios, let's say you have an employee who is highly skilled with the equip- ment, but his negative attitude has become increasingly difficult to deal with and he is starting to affect others on your staff. You have a lot invested in his training and are not sure how to handle the problem. Well, you may not like what I have to tell you next. It's doubtful the trouble's root is with your problem child. This is a classic leader- ship problem. One can safely assume his "negative attitude" is presenting itself as disrup- tive behavior. You and his supervisor (if he has one other than you) owe it to him—and the rest of your crew— to intervene in a timely manner and together develop an improvement plan that will reverse this deteriorating trend before it escalates into a more se- rious problem. First, you must do your homework diligently. A s you arrive at work, it seems like a typical day in the shop: Your workers are shouting to each other over the din of the presses and embroidery machines, phones are ringing off the hook in the office, and the pile of paperwork on your desk seems to grow before your eyes. You haven't even poured your first cuppa Joe when you notice one of your better workers walk through the door 20 minutes late. Again. Before you can ask him the reason for his tardiness, you are paged for a phone call from your accountant. She wants to know where to find the information she needs to complete your quarterly tax return; it's due to be electronically submitted today. You make a beeline for the desk of your office manager only to find the unfinished report lying on top of it and the office manager's chair empty. This is not the first time your accountant has had to call you for the figures and details. Just when you thought things couldn't get worse, one of your machine operators approach- es to tell you she refuses to work with Pete because he won't stop bothering her. When you ask her what he's been doing, she says, "He keeps making fun of me in front of the others. If it's not commenting on my choice of hairstyle or clothes, then it's mocking the way I say something. I won't stand for it any longer." You promise her you will take care of it and ask her, for now, to get back to work. She concedes. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Your Personal Business Trainer V i n c e D i C e c c o

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