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allow on your team in the first place. Alignment is about fit. Does your team share the company vision, mores, and worldview? Think about your problem employees. The ones who are constantly in trouble, and your leadership team spends an incredible amount of time dealing with them. I'll bet the challenges that your company faces when dealing with them are mostly because they are not in alignment with the particular way you want them to work or behave. So, if they aren't in cultural alignment, why are they still working for you? Certainly, not all your staff have these same problems. Can you imagine how much better your company could grow or operate if everyone on your team was paddling the canoe with perfect alignment? Cultural alignment isn't only for employees and extends out to customers as well. For a lot of customers, they are incredibly interested in "why" you are in business. For them, they want to do business with a company that shares their interests, story, and reasons for being. When your business cares about the environment so much that a sustainability program is championed, you will naturally attract customers that share that concern as well. If your firm donates to cancer research with a percentage of a sale, or funds a pro- gram to help local Autistic kids, then customers that care about that type of social impact will send your shop business. Cultural alignment works because, as people, we naturally seek out things to identify with. It is a one-to-one connection. But in order for this to work ef- fectively, you have to stand for something. You must share your beliefs and core values and live them. FINANCIAL ALIGNMENT Money. As business owners, this is the center of many conver- sations and worry. It is justifiable. Is your company in financial alignment with all your stakeholders, e.g. employees, customers, and ven- dors? 2 0 1 9 N O V E M B E R P R I N T W E A R 3 1

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