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2 0 1 9 N O V E M B E R P R I N T W E A R 3 3 TRAINING in the HALL Please visit for more information. A meeting place for entrepreneurs, producers, suppliers and distributors in the apparel decorating market. Experience the lively exhibit hall, the classes taught by industry experts and the endless networking opportunities, all conveniently located near you! Charlotte, NC November 8-9, 2019 TRAINING STOP emotions more than they buy on facts or benefits. These are the things that are sticky. Think about a businesses you are in emotional alignment with and consider the "why" behind that. Is it because the owner has a son serving in the Marines? That they support and donate to cancer research? Do they have a shop dog that greets you when you walk in the door? Now, compare that to the story you are telling about your shop. Are you sharing stories so that others can get that emo- tional alignment with your business? Or are you only talking about some print or the latest sale on fleece? Share your "why". Tell your tale. De- scribe your journey. Trust me, people want to know because they are looking for things to identify with and make that con- nection. PHYSICAL ALIGNMENT To me, this might be the hidden gem of the bunch. It's about body language. Your words and tone might say one thing, but how you physically interact with others tells a bigger story. Research shows that over 60% of communication is non-verbal. For example, have you ever had a meeting with someone and despite what others might think was a good conversation, you felt that they didn't like or respect you simply because of how they sat in their chair with crossed arms and a sour expression. The words expressed didn't match the body lan- guage which indicated they were impatient and closed off to the conversation. But what if the words used in the conversation were exactly the same, and the other person sat upright in the chair, maybe even leaning to- ward you. You know that they are probably interested in what you had to say. It's that physical alignment with others that can make the difference sometimes. Remember, the phrase "you must be present to win". Physical alignment is ex- actly that. You need to be there, both men- tally and physically when you are engaging with another person. All too often we are distracted by things, most notably our cell phones. Things can wait. It's not the end of the world if you finish a conversation with someone and then check that text message or email that just came in. What you want is quality time with people. Physical align- ment focuses our attention on the other person. When they feel like you think of them as the most important person on the planet, better things will happen. Com- munication goes up. Trust levels increase. They may even like you better. Give it a shot! PW Gilbert, AZ based Marshall Atkinson is one of the leading production and efficiency experts for the decorated apparel industry. He is the owner of Atkinson Consulting, LLC. As a coach for shops in the industry, Atkinson focuses on operational efficiency, continuous improvement and workflow strategy, business planning, employee motivation, management and sustain- ability. He is a frequent trade show speaker, article and blog author, and is the host of InkSoft's The Big Idea podcast. For more information go to Marshall Atkinson can be contacted by email at or (850) 445-3155.

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