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Boxercraft employees and Team Rastello from the 2018 PurpleStride Atlanta event (Image courtesy Boxercraft) Easiway Green is a multi-tiered initiative that includes recycling, com- posting, and rainwater harvesting. (Image courtesy Easiway Systems) 2 0 1 9 N O V E M B E R P R I N T W E A R 3 9 EASIWAY SYSTEMS EASIWAY GREEN INITIATIVE Launched in Spring 2019, Easiway Green was started by Taylor Loeber, sustainability coordinator and inside sales manager at the company. The multi-pronged approach includes a recycling program, composting, and rainwater recycling. Why did the company decide to participate in this type of community outreach? "Easiway decided to partici- pate in this type of community outreach because we consider ourselves leaders in the industry and it is our responsibility to set a positive example," says Loeber. "We want to show that chemi- cal and manufacturing industries can be 'green,' but most im- portantly, we decided to create a sustainability initiative because we care." What are the long-term goals of taking part in this project/initiative? Through the project, the company hopes to reduce landfill waste by 30% as well as grow herbs, vegetables, and fruits for team members and the local commu- nity. Loeber says the company also has additional sustainability initiatives on the horizon. What do you hope your employ- ees, clients, and industry peers learn from this? "We hope that employees, clients, and industry peers learn that every- one can make a difference – large or small," says Loeber. PW BOXERCRAFT PANCREATIC CANCER AWARENESS SCHOLARSHIP Established in Dec. 2016, the company established the fund just days after former vice president of sales Tod Rastello passed away from the disease. "Tod was near and dear to our hearts, and we wanted to uniquely extend our condolences to the family and preserve his legacy," explains Boxercraft CEO Shelley Foland. The com- pany awarded its first scholarship was in Aug. 2017. Along with the Rastello family, Boxercraft participates in pancreatic cancer awareness activities and sponsors the PurpleStride Atlanta 5K Run/Walk each November. Why did the company decide to participate in this type of community outreach? "This experience brought into focus how im- portant family is, and in this case, the Boxercraft family," notes Foland. "We were shocked, as Tod was 54 years young. We felt inclined to do something where we could make a difference and honor Tod." In ad- dition to raising awareness for pancreatic cancer, the company started the program to connect others who had dealt with similar experiences. What are the long-term goals of taking part in this project/ initiative? Like many initiatives surrounding pancreatic cancer, the primary goal the company strives toward is a cure for the disease. "We share the same long-term goals as anyone affected by the disease," Foland says. "Our efforts are to help raise awareness and support finding a cure so that no one else will have to endure the monstrosity of cancer!" What do you hope your employees, clients, and industry peers learn from this? "At Boxercraft, team spirit is at our roots," says Foland. "We have learned that it is important to be kind and to support our Boxercraft family through thick and thin."

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