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2 0 1 9 N O V E M B E R P R I N T W E A R 4 3 Another consideration to pay attention to is the proofing process. Proofing is es- pecially vital within this segment because the end-wearer is regularly representing a company in face-to-face interactions. Dec- orators need to triple-check name person- alization and company logos for grammat- ical errors. Potter tells decorators to pay attention to which pieces get what name and rank, if applicable. "Keep the order organized and under a 2% error rate or less. (There's) nothing worse than deliver- ing orders for uniforms that are wrong," he adds. It's much cheaper to catch any errors in-house and fix them then rather than sending them out the door and having the customer return with an issue. He also en- courages decorators to keep customization as simple as possible to reduce stitch count or run time where possible. Choosing the appropriate decoration technique can also prove challenging. Se- lecting the perfect garment(s) for your cli- ent is the first step, but the wrong embel- lishment can take away from the finished product. Edwards advises, "All workwear, regardless of industry, must withstand some tough conditions. Embroidery of- fers the most durable decoration. Initially, it may be more costly, but it will last the lifetime of the garment. Screen print- ing can be used on garments that aren't designed for harsh conditions but is not recommended for heavier weight fabrics or apparel planned for industrial laundry programs." Pendergraft says no single dec- oration method will work for all garments. Some items are heat-sensitive, while oth- ers don't have the rigidity to accommodate embroidery. Last but not least, Potter reminds dec- orators to stick to deadlines. This rule stands for all shops serving any market. He warns of working with manufacturers who don't stay stocked up on garments throughout the year. Any slowdowns on their end can ultimately make a shop look bad, slow production, and cause a decora- tor to miss deadlines. This list of woes isn't all-inclusive by any means, which is why shops need to familiarize themselves with the garments that fit into this market and the decora- tion techniques and methods which make sense. Call manufacturers and ask them questions about certifications and take the time to read safety literature on col- ors, fabrics, materials, etc. to ensure the safety of the end-wearer. PW Image Apparel Made Easy. Career dressing is all about possibilities. From playful prints to no-iron shirts, performance polos to suit separates, Edwards offers fashion styles in amazing colors and stretch fabrics. Quality outfits designed to last, easy to decorate and priced to meet your teams budget. Blanks ship same day when ordered before 5PM ET. Edwards is your full-service brand that helps you send people to work and play looking good and feeling engaged. It's the reason why millions of people go to work each day wearing Edwards. 800.253.9885 FREE FREIGHT ON ORDERS OF $200 OR MORE Visit our website for details Yoo-Nuh-Fawrm BIG STYLE | BIGGER IMPACT | SIMPLY UNIFORM REDWOOD & ROSS SUITS - Coat & Pant Starting as low as $198.00 (P) PLAYFUL POPLINS - with Comfort Stretch Starting as low as $29.90 (P) REDWOOD & ROSS BLOUSES Starting as low as $33.90 (P) TRUSTED SUPPLIER | SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE DECORATION SERVICES | CUSTOM CAPABILITY | DEEP INVENTORY

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