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2 0 1 9 N O V E M B E R P R I N T W E A R 5 5 3. FLASH PANEL NOT CENTERED OVER PLATEN Lock the stand or base of your flash-cure unit in place and swing the heating panel, on and off, of your platen or T-shirt board. We don't recommend rolling your flash back and forth, as the flash panel must be centered over the T-shirt board, both left and right but also forward and back. If it is not cenetered, this will result in un- even curing. By locking our stand in place, we can center our flash on our platen. Now, we can rotate our heating panel on and off of our platen and only have to check, to make certain we are centered left to right. Since, the stand being locked in place, prevents our forward and back placement from changing, we only have to worry about one variable and that is right and left for a flash- cure panel placement. Common problems: The image is washed out or faded along the right or left side of the image or washed out or faded along the top or bottom of the print. 4. IMAGE IS TOO LARGE FOR THE FLASH CURE The closer to the edges of the flash-cure unit you get, the less consistency you have in controlling the temperature. This is caused by a variety of factors inlcuding ambient room temperature, wattage, or power of your flash cure- and the type of heating element used in your flash. Common problems: The printed image only fades along the edge or edges of the design. If the flash cure unit is not centered, this will result in uneven curing. Coil heaters are less consistent than infrared heaters in distributing heat.

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