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5 6 P R I N T W E A R N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 9 ANGELIC BONUS TIPS 1. Use an infrared flash vs coiled resistance heater. Infrared panels offer more consistent heat across the entire panel, minimizing the chances of cool spots. They also tend to output more thermal energy, resulting in a faster cure and are more resistant to impact from environment. 2. Use a flash with adjustable temp control, and do not run it on high. Always run at least a half-notch or more down from the highest maximum setting. These controls work by regulating the voltage going into the flash cure. By setting this as directed, we will mini- mize temperature fluctuations due to voltage fluctuations throughout the day. 3. Be wary of extension cords. Particularly if you are using one that is not rated for your flash cure. For example, the most common heavyweight extension cords sold at hard- ware stores are 120V- 15amp, and your flash is rated at 17amps. Your flash cure will not be getting enough power/ amperage to operate at full temperature. This can slow down production and also magnify any variances in pow- er in your building, causing your temperature to fluctuate. The longer the extension cord, the less amperage will arrive to your flash cure, so a 20-foot extension cord will increase your chances for temperature fluctuations. 5. FLASH LOCATION IN THE ROOM To minimize variances in our curing temperature, we want to avoid cross drafts in the room. So, we want to look at the location of our flash-cure unit in rela- tion to the doors and win- dows in our shop. Draw an imaginary line between the dock/back door and the front/office door. If the flash is near this imaginary line, it would be best to move it. Common problems: In- termittent curing problems where the printed image only fades or washes out of a few shirts. PLASTISOL TIPS PLASTISOL TIPS PLASTISOL Adjusted temp control on your flash minimizes tem- perature fluctuations. Infrared heaters tend to output more energy resulting in a fast- er cure time.

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