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ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL A ir purification or fume extraction systems are an important piece of any business, especially if their equip- ment spews noxious fumes or fine par- ticulates into the air. It isn't enough to just vent these fumes outside, says Kevin East, president of Fumex, LLC, because that is "not puri- fying or capturing any of the harmful particulates generated in the process or protecting the environment." Wayne Baird, president of PAT Technology Systems, Inc., says there are two types of fume extractors: one is con- nected to the host by a hose and the other is a whole room purifier. There are roof purifiers as well, but Baird doesn't believe they do a good job because "by the time the odor or particulate is in the room, it is too late," he says. PAT Technology Systems has been in the business of air purification since 1998 Clearing Keeping your workplace clear of harmful fumes and particulates B Y P A U L A A V E N G L A D Y C H Paula Aven Gladych is a writer based in Denver and has been covering the signage and graphics industry since 2014. 20 • November 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S the Air Flitrabox's modularity allows one to increase airflow by adding blower modules to an existing extractor, or to easily execute field repairs without the need for a service technician. Image courtesy of PAT Technology Systems, Inc. The Filtrabox line-up includes the "Compact" for space savings, the "Expand" for high production volumes and the "Basys" that also serves as a con- venient base for small lasers. Image courtesy of PAT Technology Systems, Inc.

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