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ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL is needed or not. I have a bias obviously. I think most inks need to be captured," Baird says. If a company decides to invest in a fume extraction, recirculating or air puri- fication system, the benefits are clear, he says. The air in the room is circulated through filters and then put back in the room instead of venting to the outside. The pre-filter picks up larger particu- lates. The HEPA filter picks up the fine particles and the carbon filter takes up the gas that radiates off the process and keeps the odor down. Some manufacturers combine the HEPA and carbon filters into one. "This is one of my pet peeves," says Baird. "I know that it is impossible for the HEPA filter and the carbon filter to be saturated at the same time; it is an impossibility." He believes it is a waste of money to replace "a good filter for no particular reason." Many machines do have sensors on them to let the operator know a filter needs to be replaced but, Baird says, the best sensor is the operator's nose. "Once you smell something, there is a break- through. That means it is time to change the carbon." In the filtration business, size matters. "The bigger the machine, the bigger capacity filters you buy and the less often you have to change them. You have to take a look at how you address your capital and operational budgets; essen- tially the bigger the filter, the better. It means you won't have to change it on a regular basis as you would on a smaller one," he adds. Fumex works closely with laser manufacturers. Instead of conducting a machine's exhaust outdoors, these companies hook up Fumex blowers and filtration to the machines and clean the air, which not only protects the machine operator from unwanted fumes but the optics and machinery itself, East says. 22 • November 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S The bigger the machine, the bigger capacity filters you buy and the less often you have to change them. Separated HEPA and Activated Carbon filters maximize the potential life of each of the fil- ters and reduces waste. Image courtesy of PAT Technology Systems, Inc. Image courtesy of Fumex.

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