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November '19

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36 • November 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S DIGITAL PRINTING AND FINISHING DIGITAL GRAPHICS and some are white, when more opacity or a color pop is desired." Work says that new products on the market are giving sign shops more ver- satility and allowing them to branch out into other markets, such as business decor. She notes that with nearly any appli- cation, the media being used really depends on what's being accomplished in a space. "If it's a quick, temporary POP or retail display, a window perf with a laminate can do the trick and stand up to the elements of a busy store or weather. If it's an interior design ele- ment, you may want to choose a frosted film or an adhesive fabric, like our new product Squid. This is a really unique product with adhesive applied only on the threads of the fabric. It offers a high- end, elegant look that we've been getting many requests for it." She adds with window perfs it really depends on what you're trying to achieve. "The more perforation will allow you to see through the graphic, while less will block some visibility to the other side of the window. Also, if a perforated film is being used on car windows for example, it needs to be of a ratio that is approved by the state in which the car is being driven." Squid Making Waves "Squid is the newest, most exciting window product at the moment. LexJet is currently the only distributor of this Robert Rundle from Nekoosa/Catalina Graphic Films says they have been frequently requested by clients to provide easy install films that can be installed by store employees and still look professionally done. Images courtesy of Nekoosa/Catalina Graphic Films. "We see windows as a largely untapped surface for branding at brick and mortar locations," reports 3M's Mark A. Elvester. Images courtesy of 3M. Kara Work says that not only does Squid offer privacy for an office or retail space, it also reduces glare and reflects heat from the sun. Image courtesy of S-One Holdings Corp./LexJet. Storefront applications help grab consum- ers' attention. Images courtesy of Lintec of America. product. It is creating a buzz right now," says Work. "It's available in a number of colors, such as bone, chalk or ash, and can be used unprinted or printed on using UV or solvent ink technology. Not only does it offer privacy for an office or retail space, it also reduces glare and reflects heat from the sun." Green Polyester Media Choices "From our perspective the trend initially went from clear vinyl, to clear printable polyester, to scratch-resistant polyester. Now the newest trend that we are seeing is using polyester with recy- cled content," reports Jim Halloran, vice president, sales and marketing at Lintec of America, Schaumburg, Illinois. He feels that polyester rivals vinyl as the best option for window graphic media. "In our opinion polyester makes a far better window film than vinyl. The reasons for this are numerous. Polyester doesn't have anywhere near the shrink profile as PVC does in the heat. Nor does it crack in the cold," he points out. "Of course cast PVC is better than cal- endared but cast can be very difficult to remove. Polyester is far easier to remove in most applications," he points out. Halloran notes that the company recently launched two new window films. "The first is a film with 80% recycled polyester content. The product is actu- ally made of PET water bottles recycled

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