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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • November 2019 • 37 into an optical clear film. This is compat- ible with UV printing." He adds that the second product is a new overlaminate for the window graph- ics market. "We call it Protect Satin. This media is designed to be used when the end customer prefers a non-gloss fin- ish that often occurs when using clear films. Gloss is a great look but sometimes customers want a matte appearance." He adds that this film has a high coat weight adhesive to wrap around the relief height of UV inks. It is also designed to keep the blacks in the design a true black rather than turning them gray. "We offer films that have optical clarity, scratch resistance, UV blocking, recycled content, and gloss and matte finishes. There is a lot to choose from and we hope to add more in the future," Halloran concludes. Best Options from 3M Mark A. Elvester, 3M specialist— application engineering—C S D -G A M , says that optically clear films such as 3M IJ8150 are ideal for windows because the unprinted areas are clear to the eye, so you can apply film to the entire window and get a seamless look without cutting around the shape of the graphic. "The perforated film with 40% holes works best for a store front as the greater area of film left after punching can give an extra pop to the colors in a graphic," adds Cook. When looking at window perfs and hole ratios, Elvester says a common ratio is 60/40 where the image is printed on 60% of the material. "This is typically used in storefront applications where vis- ibility through the graphic is less impor- tant. A 50/50 ratio is more common in vehicle graphics where more visibility is desired." "The biggest benefit is the law requires 50% on most vehicle windows for visibility," adds Cook. Elvester points out that 3 M offers two transparent film options, which are denoted with a "-114" after the name. "These include IJ180mC-114 and 40C- 114. Both products are good options for windows. When a higher level of optical clarity is needed, IJ8150 is the best choice." "We see windows as a largely untapped surface for branding at brick and mortar locations. 3M products enable brand own- ers to make use of this space to enhance the experience for their customers," Elvester says. "The new films with air release will give the end-users more options when it comes to installations. Local mainte- nance teams will be able to install smaller graphics saving the cost of professional installers having to travel to each site," Cook concludes. SDG The newest trend that we are seeing is using polyester with recycled content. —Reports Jim Halloran, from Lintec of America DECORATE YOUR GLASS TO MODERNIZE YOUR SPACE • UV and eco-solvent printable • Optically clear PET • Clean room manufactured • Scratch resistant Films • Textured PET Films Tel: 800-806-8977 935 National Parkway Suite 93553 Schaumburg, IL 60173

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