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November '19

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38 • November 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS O ver the past 9-plus years our shop, like any customer service shop, has had its fair share of challenges and occasional client complaints. None bother us as much as when a client is unsatisfied with the work performed, especially when you take pride in your work and truly care about customer satisfaction. While we have learned there are seldomly people you just can- not please regardless of what you do, it's certainly not the norm. Through my experience, the best way to help avoid challenges is through a little thing my wife has been telling me about for years—it's called communication. Taking the time to settle in and have a good chat with your new potential client can help tremendously. During this chat ask lots of questions, then listen to what it is they are in search of, how the wrap will be used, and what is most important to them. Some Customer Expectations Avoid challenges through solid communication Trey Matula—Founder of Picture This Wraps and Graphics—was born and raised in the New Orleans area and has always had a passion for art and business. When not working, his favorite activities are spend- ing time with his family, skateboarding and smoking cigars around a fire pit. MANAGING B Y T R E Y M A T U L A

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