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November '19

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46 • November 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S SPECIALTY IMAGING DIGITAL GRAPHICS to do. It is just a part of our commercial sign business, but it has been a fairly con- sistent part for a very long time. But, I am putting out the message, there is plenty of this work to do and few sign makers who are skilled and equipped to do it. That's certainly the case here in our backyard, but I would not be sur- prised if it is the case in other markets too. Smells like opportunity to me. After all, why should myself, and other old sign guys be doing all this work? I have to believe there are young folks out there who would do well to add to their skills and capabilities and take advantage of the many sign jobs that even today are really best done by screen printing, Something traditional sign makers have been doing for a very long time… and the pay is not bad either. SDG This group of tiny pipeline signs, like any that really need to last, is certainly better done with screen printing than any other method. One-color jobs in dozens or hundreds can be done efficiently with sign shop screen printing, and could easily be done without any mechanical press. Our drying racks for holding corrugated plastic signs after printing are also homemade from scraps of MDO, finish nails, and small strips of fluted plastic. I need some competition, for in our area there is none for even good jobs like this one. Here are more examples of recent screen-printed work, just like we've been doing for years. In our town the competition is slim to none, but doing this type of commercial sign work is still practical and profitable.

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