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rv-pro.com November 2019 • RV PRO • 109 is so much information that you can get lost in it, but that is part of the fun. RV PRO: In conducting your research for KOA and RVIA, did you discover anything about those industries that surprised you? Bahr: What's interesting is how people like the busy RVing atmosphere, with kids running around laughing and screaming. I like the solitude of the backwoods. I never knew about the aspect of camping that is very social. In talking to RVers about their camping process, they tell me they come in, they get set up, they get out their coolers, and then they go meet the neighbors. They walk around and start meeting people. It was surprising just how immersed they are in that. The other surprise to me is how much RVers love their lifestyle. They wouldn't trade it for anything, and I was amazed by the passion they have for it and how happy they are. They are so friendly. I've rarely run into a grumpy camper. RV PRO: How did Cairn come to the attention of KOA and RVIA? Bahr: We did some work for Harrah's Entertainment, where Jim Rogers used to work. KOA has been incredibly sup- portive and generous toward us. They brought us into the process and allowed us to be a part of projects that other orga- nizations could only dream of. When we did our first launch for the camping report, we went to New York for the media event. Through our work with KOA we got the attention of RVIA. Jim brought me with him to meetings and I was able to meet heads of other groups. We have to be there in people's minds when they are ready to do research. We get referrals and that has been very helpful. During RVX this spring, four studies we worked on were presented. That makes me almost giddy to think about that. RV PRO: What is a "typical" day like for you in your role with Cairn? Bahr: It starts pretty early. Most of the people I work with are in different time zones. I like to get up early before everyone else does and respond to things. I make contact with others I work with, do follow-ups, status updates, and put everyone's mind at ease with where we are in the process. The middle of the day, I look at summaries and draw up analysis. Late in the day, I make calls with contacts to give updates on projects. I like to stay available and let people know I am available, so that clients feel comfortable reaching out to me. RV PRO: When was Cairn founded and how large is your staff? Bahr: 2004. We are small and flexible, including one full-time project manager, Cairn Consulting President Scott Bahr presents the findings of an RV owner experience survey his firm did for the RV Industry Association to RVIA members. Bahr's company has become the go-to firm for RVIA and KOA when it comes to analyzing trends in the RVing and camping sector.

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