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110 • RV PRO • November 2019 rv-pro.com B U S I N E S S four analysts and other consultants who work on a contract basis or virtual basis, as needed for projects. It keeps costs low and makes me competitive. Because I run lean, I can provide information and be responsive to clients without having to feed a monster. I want to be able to work on projects that I feel passionate about and be selective. I don't want to assume a lot of overhead, like paying for a big facility, which adds to the cost you must charge clients. RV PRO: What specific types of services does Cairn offer to clients? Bahr: Essentially, what we offer is information. If you need information, we will get you information, or we will tell you where to find that information. Our core service is doing primary information gathering, which include surveys, interviews and focus groups. … We offer the full array of primary market research. If someone has already done the research it, we don't repeat it – we build on it. We create online surveys, mailer sur- veys and occasionally phone surveys. We sometimes create focus groups comprised of people from all over. We have good tools for gathering information and we can deliver results quickly in a good timeframe. RV PRO: Is Cairn known for any specific areas of expertise? Bahr: Our experience in outdoor hos- pitality is what we bring to the table, but more importantly, the in-depth anal- ysis capability. That's not only running surveys and gathering results, but also insights into what the responses mean. For example, it's not only learning that 80 percent of your customers are satisfied, it's also understanding that 20 percent are not. Well, why are they not satisfied? By looking at both sides of any issue, immersing yourself in the data, you can learn what's going on there, and give a coherent summary. That, to me, is what other organiza- tions lack – to have the courage to go in the direction to see what the results show. We use our previous experience and build on that knowledge base. We have the experience that other organiza- tions may not be able to provide. RV PRO: How do you assess the value of the data you gather? Bahr: Bill Rogers, the former head of KOA, told me that my opinion of the data was valuable. He said, 'That is what we are paying you for.' He demanded that of us, and that was unique at that time. The market is much more sophisti- cated now than it was 10 or 15 years ago in terms of market research. Some people don't like that, but I see it as a benefit. We have younger researchers in the market who have a knowledge of data and tech- nology and that's great. The demands are greater now, and for us, it's a great time to be in this field. I try to be transparent about everything that we do because it makes us more effective if people trust us to do our jobs and to know what we are doing. Bahr (second from right) introduces data from a study conducted for the RVIA Aftermarket Executive Conference during the group's August meeting in Denver. Other members of the panel were (from left): Jon White of NTP-STAG, Garry Weaver of Dealer Resource Group, John Tinghitella of RV Designer and Bill Baker of the RV Industry Association.

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