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rv-pro.com November 2019 • RV PRO • 33 XLR Hyper Lite 3310 XLR's new 3310 Hyper Lite floorplan caught RV PRO's atten- tion because it's the only travel trailer toy hauler with a front kitchen and three slide-outs. A large window behind the kitchen sink gives campers a great vantage point to view the outdoors and is receiving accolades, while the 10-foot garage readily accommodates the "action campers" who typify the brand's users today. In fact, the floor- plan was inspired by one of XLR's retail customers. "They experience the outdoors in a more fulfilling fashion," XLR General Manager Brent Stevens says to describe his clien- tele. "They take their interests with them." In talking with his toy hauler customers, Stevens and his team found that users didn't need a huge garage for their toy hauler, so the 3310's 10-foot garage "is not huge on purpose." It's designed to hold a golf cart or motorcycle – but not the larger all-terrain motorized vehicles that many associate with toy haulers. Action campers "get out and enjoy their surroundings in more diverse ways than normal campers. They tend to use their toy hauler as a base camp," Stevens says. The smaller-than-normal garage might underwhelm some observers. After all, the garage on XLR's mid-entry-point Nitro fifth wheel toy hauler ranges from 11 to 16 feet in length. However, Stevens says the 3310's got "zero criticism" at the Open House. Instead, he says, the response was "kind of jaw-dropping." Make no mistake, the medium-priced laminated Hyper Lite (MSRP around $49,000) is a coach for couples in the 50- to 65-year range who don't want a fifth wheel and may be full- timers or extended stay campers, Stevens notes. Other new features in the Hyper Lite brand include all rede- signed interiors, 100 percent hard-surface floors and a new optional solar package for boon-docking. A floor decal states, "Dirty Floors Suck!" and directs where floor debris may be swept into for disposal. With a full family of five XLR brands in its lineup, "for a dealer, XLR is the only brand of toy hauler they need to have," Stevens says. "Our product looks the best it has ever looked," he says of the XLR lineup, which dates from 2007-2008 and is a successor to the All American Sport, which was founded in 2001. XLR claims "the longest-running legacy" in the sport utility trailer market. "We're getting a lot more attention at this show than we have in years past," Stevens says. "It's directly related to how the product looks and is being perceived by the dealers." Meanwhile, the action camping phrase "is grabbing a lot of attention" in social media and elsewhere, he adds. "It will be engrained in the XLR way of life." XLR has begun to ship 2020 models from its factory in Goshen, Ind., to its dealer network nationwide. What impressed RV PRO: XLR illustrates the notion that bigger doesn't necessarily mean better – when it comes to a toy hauler's garage. The Hyper Lite 3310's 10-foot garage should offer plenty of space for many action campers while freeing up extra space to utilize the unit as a well-equipped, nicely designed and furnished base camp. XLR's new Hyper Lite 3310 should be perfectly suited for those campers who don't need a giant garage for their toys in order to fully enjoy their RVing experience. Unlike other travel trailer toy haulers, this unit doesn't treat the living space as an afterthought.

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