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rv-pro.com November 2019 • RV PRO • 63 The new Roadtrek will not honor the previous six-year warranty, but it has arranged for partial coverage on those existing units. "Warranty claims will be honored for a two-year period commencing on the date of purchase – up to a maximum warranty claim amount of $1,500 per unit," Reuer says. "New units will have a two-year warranty." Canada's Once (and Future?) King B Roadtrek Motorhomes was once the undisputed North American leader in the Class B segment. So, is it realistic to think the new Roadtrek can ever attain that level of success again? "I think it's not unrealistic," Reuer says carefully, adding, "It would be a great effort because there has been no market activity for the past eight months. It (the plant closing in January) created a vacuum. Others have stepped in and filled the gap. "It will be hard work to regain that market share, but if it's a positively per- ceived brand in customers' minds, we have a good chance to achieve that if we do things right – and that's what we are going for," Reuer says. "We aren't going for minor shares; we are going for major shares. "We'd like to bring our market share up to 25 percent or greater," he adds. Rapido builds 7,000 Westfalias annu- ally to serve all of Europe and its pop- ulation of about 750 million, which is about twice the population of North America. So, Reuer's forecast does not seem unreasonable. "It's a little bit like looking into a glass (crystal) ball," he says. "You never know whether the markets are turning around. ... I think it will be realistic to do about 1,500 units a year. Ideally, I would like to target 2,000 units, depending upon how new models are perceived in the marketplace." Through July, the Class B retail market was still enjoying a tiny headwind, fin- ishing the first seven months of the year up 3.4 percent over a year ago. Winnebago dominated with a 40.4 percent market share, with the former Erwin Hymer/ Roadtrek a distant second with a 23 per- cent market share. "For us, the Rapido Group, it's a great opportunity. We love the (Roadtrek) brand. We are quite excited about it," Reuer says. "We will not hesitate to do the necessary investments for that to drive it forward and bring it up."

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