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80 • RV PRO • November 2019 rv-pro.com D E A L E R S that the dealer could use some help on something, someone to talk to, someone to look over his shoulder." And, he adds, "The membership is less than having a couple of consulting days." Spader says that sometimes it's a dealer who has a very spe- cific need in mind. "I had a guy call the other day who said, 'I've been good at running one store for years. I know my store, but now we're going to buy a second store, and perhaps a third store, and I have no clue. Do you have a 20 Group for multi-store guys so I can learn how to do this?'" Spader says. For someone who makes that sort of call, these modera- tors will try to find an existing group in which they'll fit both in terms of dealership(s) and geographically. A dealer is then encouraged to attend a meeting, observing only and following the organization's rules of confidentiality. Sometimes the first group isn't a good fit – either for the dealer or for the existing members, who get to vote on adding a new person. And, Marzahn says that occasionally a new person can be a hard sell. "If there's something funny in your reputation in the industry, you're not likely to find a group," he says. "One of the things that's absolute is the group has to operate in a spirit of trust, and if there's someone whose reputation is less-than-sterling, they might have a little difficulty." Other things Marzahn says are important include making sure the person is actively involved in the business, and who has a depth of expertise that they can actively contribute once they are in. Even then, joining a 20 Group isn't a silver bullet that will magically make problems disappear. But it can be a start, according to Spader. "Part of it depends on where the dealer is starting from and how open they are to change," he says. "Most people, after the first meeting, go home with reams and reams and reams of notes and lists of what they're going to change. So, from that you can see results from the first meeting." Being open to change is probably the key to true success with a 20 Group – and recognizing that you may not be the smartest person in the room, according to Kelly. "I tell them they need to participate with an open mind, and if they can do that, we might have some success,"she says. "For those who have an open mind and just try one little thing, it can make a huge difference. As soon as they have success with that one thing, they come back for more."

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