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52 THE SHOP DECEMBER 2019 A ftermarket exhaust systems are still one of the easiest ways to change a vehicle's sound, performance and appearance all at once. Available for a wide variety of vehicles from trucks and off-roaders to street machines and racers, they are popular with owners of classics up through the latest models. Here, manufacturers share some informa- tion on their latest exhaust system offerings and trends affecting the market. TEAM ALLIED DISTRIBUTION Benicia, California Alex Ortega Director of Business Development Our hottest Aftermarket Exhaust product is … … direct bolt-on kits in general. Whether you're replacing a cat-back exhaust system on a light-duty truck or installing a direct- fit manifold catalytic converter on a sport compact application, these types of prod- ucts provide a turnkey solution in a busy shop environment. The focus no longer has to be on welding, bending or cutting tubing. Most impor- tantly, businesses that don't specialize in aftermarket exhaust can now offer these types of products and installation services to their customers. Its best features include … … everything you need is in the box— mandrel-bent tubing, hardware, flanges, hangers, clamps, etc. The biggest change in the Aftermarket Exhaust market over the past 10 years has been … … first, how consumers research products and what influences their purchasing deci- sions. Consumers can now research products on a greater level than ever before. Product imagery, install videos, reviews, attributes and other forms of unique content have empow- ered the consumer to dissect a product prior to making a purchasing decision. Social media and digital activity are here to stay and will only continue to evolve, and shops with years of tribal knowledge and experience are responsible for some of the best content out there. The majority of the information that's being shared on social media occurs every day in shops and garages around the world. Something as simple as a dyno pull or a well-orchestrated product review is always going to capture an audience. Second, on the hardware side of the busi- ness, it's exciting to see the change in the evolution of exhaust technology. Ten years ago, OEMs were not integrating electronic- controlled devices that alter the level of sound on demand. The advancements have become more sophisticated and interactive, pushing aftermarket exhaust manufacturers to further innovate in order to stay ahead of the curve. We foresee active mode exhaust products playing a larger role in the future. The biggest misconception regarding Aftermarket Exhaust products is … … that the perfect sound exists. The beauty of not just aftermarket exhaust but our industry in general is that personaliza- tion has no limitations and there is no such thing as perfection. Exhaust comes in various flavors and sound is extremely subjective. It's all about passion and we're all here to have fun! Here's a tip successful shops can use to increase sales of Aftermarket Exhaust products … … the biggest opportunity lies within tech- nology. In today's market the internet has certainly presented challenges for a lot of brick-and-mortar businesses; however, the ones that choose to embrace technology have the opportunity to benefit from the shift. Organizations like SEMA offer a lot of online business tools and resources that can help shops spoon-feed product informa- tion to the end-user. WDs like Team Allied Distribution also offer B2B portal services that will empower shops to run their busi- nesses more efficiently and provide their customers with a higher level of service. BORLA PERFORMANCE INDUSTRIES INC. Oxnard, California Tim Sayers Muffler Development Manager Our hottest Aftermarket Exhaust product is … … ATAK Cat-Back and Axle-Back exhaust systems. Let It Out Aftermarket exhaust systems continue to do it all. Product imagery, install videos, reviews, attributes and other forms of unique content have empowered the consumer to dissect a product prior to making a purchasing decision on their new exhaust system. (Photo courtesy Team Allied Distribution)

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