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2019 Glass & Crystal Report

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A&E DECEMBER 2019 • 33 A&E DECEMBER 2019 • G L A S S & C R Y S T A L R E P O R T | 3 3 A S P E C I A L S U P P L E M E N T T O T H E D E C E M B E R I S S U E O F A & E M A G A Z I N E THE GLASS & CRYSTA L A & E P R E S E N T S R E P O R T 2 0 1 9 IMAGE COURTESY OF IKONICS IMAGING 34 Trendspotting: What's New In Crystal and Glass Awards? These new products and types of glass and crystal are hitting the market in 2020, and you must include them in your lineup. 38 Tips and Tricks: Sandcarving Odd-Shaped Substrates Have you ever been asked to customize an item that is out of the norm? Mikaela Hernesman, IKONICS Imaging, offers a few tips to take care of those orders. 42 Product Showcase: Glass & Crystal Products The latest and greatest in glass and crystal products all showcased in one product spotlight. 46 Real-Life Sandcarving Challenges and How to Meet Them Sandcarving is a process that reaps rewards, but it is just that: a process. Tune in as Liz Haas addresses how to face common sandcarving challenges head-on. 50 Quick Tips and Lists for Selling Glass and Crystal This feature is divided up into short-and- sweet ideas to get your business rolling in the glass and crystal market. Read them all at once, or one at a time as you're able.

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