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8 • A&E DECEMBER 2019 I t's a rare treat when I get to work with a client that is starting a business from scratch, but that was the case when I had a business meeting with an acquain- tance of mine a few weeks ago. The cli- ent's enthusiasm for their ideas and the unseen future potential of their business was infectious. That enthusiasm rubbed off on me, making it easy to say yes to a request for a logo for their business, SoDak Handyman Services. In addition to a logo creation was the need for some promotional products as well, and I would incorporate this logo into several products that were discussed during the meeting. This new business would need some of the basics: business cards, pens, and refrigerator magnets. I was looking at a deadline of two weeks for business cards to be delivered, which meant I needed to get the logo finalized in about a week to make it happen. Enthu- siasm and ideation are important, but I needed to funnel creativity into actual con- cepts for the client to choose from and do it quickly. This type of situation is where the ability to manipulate vector graphics is crucial. Figure A represents some of the con- cept designs initially sent to the client, and after some back and forth discussions about color, font, and overall design, Figure B was the resulting logo. This article focuses on a number of tools and techniques that were used to make the logo — tools for creating and modifying vector graphics. It also includes many of the tools' shortcuts. The tools used in the logo creation go back to some of the earliest ver- sions of CorelDRAW, and you most likely use them on a regular basis and can apply these concepts. Fig A Fig B Fig C Vector Tools and Logo Creation Make Opportunities Learning how to use common Corel tools through real-life projects By Shon Roti Shon Roti is the owner of 9th Street Designs, a sublimation and graphic design consulting a n d p ro m ot i o n a l p ro d u c ts business. A graphic designer, Shon has spent more than two decades working as a produc- tion artist and instructor in the awards and pro- motional products industry. Contact him at shon@

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