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20 • RV PRO • December 2019 rv-pro.com O R I G I N A L E Q U I P M E N T Additionally, as a secondary power source, Limitless 2.0 is equipped with a methanol fuel cell, which Fidler says offers an abundance of clean, efficient, reliable power for the many Furrion appliances and equipment on and in this beefy fifth wheel. The fuel cell acts as a back-up energy source during peak hours or if the solar panels are not gener- ating enough power, according to Fidler. "The fuel cell is a prototype that we are working on," he adds. So, it may take time for that technology to become widely available, but Fidler notes that the company's solar power technology is available now for OEMs to install in their units or prep RVs for installation "so the dealer can sell expanded off-grid solar systems that can be tailored to the customer and the way they want to use the RV." Appliances Also Are Energy Efficient Fidler is quick to note that it's not simply the energy systems onboard the concept vehicle that make it off-grid capable. It's also the company's many energy-efficient appliances. He highlights as an example Fur- rion's all-in-one entertainment center, which features a 32-inch TV, a stereo and a soundbar all built into one unit, which Fidler says is "super energy effi- cient" and runs directly from the battery. Both the living room and bedroom in the concept fifth wheel are equipped with the Furrion entertainment system. The concept RV also features Fur- rion RV Chef Collection appliances, including an electric/gas built-in oven and cooktop appliances. "The oven is the industry's first elec- tric oven that is certified for RV use. It allows the user to switch from using gas or electric," Fidler says. "The induction cooktop is perfect for off-grid cooking if you are not using gas, as it is designed for low energy consumption and load manages between cooking zones, so it doesn't draw excessive power if you are using all of the appliances at once." Additionally, the concept RV is equipped with a Furrion RV Chef Collection four-door refrigerator with a built-in wine cellar. It runs on a 110- volt power but also can run off the bat- tery with Furrion's 2,000-watt inverter. "The true built-in design and ven- tilation system allows air to flow better around the unit and this makes the cooling system function better and reduces energy consumption," Fidler says. continued on page 22 Bolenbaugh uses a Furrion ePod Power Station with ePod Battery to power a Furrion LIT Bluetooth Speaker. Furrion believes products like these have strong crossover appeal to the larger outdoor market.

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