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rv-pro.com December 2019 • RV PRO • 21 F urrion's push to develop solar power products and energy-efficient appliances is part of a much larger focus on sustainability for the company, according to Matt Fidler, the company's co-founder and CMO. "It's very important for us to be completely self-sustain- able," he says. "Our intention is to protect and nurture nature the same way that our customers like to enjoy nature and the outdoors." During the past 10 years, Furrion has taken several con- crete actions related to sustainability, as evidenced in part by the fact that the company's headquarters in Elkhart, Ind., is equipped with solar power panels that generate enough power to make the facility energy self-sufficient. "Our Elkhart office here produces so much energy that sometimes it gives back to the (power) grid," Fidler says. A number of Furrion's facilities in other parts of the world are located next to solar energy stations that the company built, which reduce the power needs of those factories, he adds. "We have invested quite a lot of time and resources and money into doing this," he says, "especially building complete solar farms, which is not cheap. At the same time, it has yielded an ROI. We don't pay for energy here at the Innovation Center in Elkhart anymore. That alone has already paid off, thanks to the solar power system that sits on our roof. So, the short- term expense is high, but the long-term yield is positive." Furrion also is looking to go plastic-free throughout its offices, while reinventing its packaging to become plastic-free and use less materials, when possible. What's more, the com- pany has been instrumental in the planting of more than 130,000 trees and it has collaborated on technology designed to clean up plastic from the ocean, according to Fidler. "When an RV customer makes a purchase, Furrion plants a tree. When a marine customer buys a product, Furrion donates to a nonprofit focused on cleaning up plastic from the world's oceans," he says. Meanwhile, Furrion in January founded the Mission Earth Foundation, a nonprofit that oversees and manages Furrion's renewable initiatives and clean-up initiatives. Currently, Mis- sion Earth is specific to Furrion, but Fidler says the company is open to partnering with other businesses and charities on strategic sustainability initiatives. Looking to the future, Furrion's goal is that by 2022 the company will be net positive in terms of carbon emissions and will become a zero-waste producing company. "The goal by 2022 is a very big goal, but we are striving to accomplish it at a very fast pace," Fidler says. "It's important to us, and we think it should be important to everyone." Furrion a Big Believer in Sustainability n One Day Delivery n Two Day Delivery 1-800-234-4328 www.laurelhurstdistributors.com Family Owned & Operated Since 1962 Become Part of the Family Today! We Continue to Expand Our Offerings, Growing Along with Our Dealers • Full Customer Service & Technical Expertise • Competitive Wholesale Pricing • Monthly Specials for Constant Savings • Online Ordering & Up-To-Date Breakdowns You Owe It To Yourself To Check Us Out!

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